3 Reasons CSG has the Fastest Direct Mail Delivery in the Country

With everything the US Postal Service does and how many millions of people are involved in direct mail, this is a bold statement. It is True and we can prove it.Fastest Mail Delivery

1) As an early innovator with the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes we already have a reputation for being able to track every single piece of mail we send. We can track the path each piece travels as well as dates and times of each automation step as they travel the country.

Over the last 2 years we have used this information to establish a trend of certain post office locations that appear to hold onto mail longer or process mail slower.  This has been valuable information when planning mail drops and to speed up delivery cycles.

We can get your mail delivered faster and you can track it yourself on your own phone or computer live and see for yourself.

2) It is important that your primary BMEU is fast, and ours is absolute one of the fastest in the Country. Using the ‘secret shopper’ approach, each BMEU is rated based on sample mailpieces dropped into the mail stream at the BMEU.

The Sierra Region was just awarded 1st place in the nation for “First Class Mail Performance” for quarter 1 October – December 2010. This is not their 1st award either. Our Reno BMEU has received award after award for the last decade.

We truly can get your mail to your customers faster than other mailers in the country can and you can track it all live with us too. We currently have no equal in these categories.

3) The third ingredient in our fast mail delivery is our in-house processing. We are known for Speed and Quality. Even with the extra step of our Quality control department, our proprietary job automation and tracking systems track projects from the minute they have all details approved until final delivery to the Post Office.

Then add that 25 of our employees have been certified by the USPS Mailpiece Quality Control Specialist program. We have the absolute lowest percentage of catch-able mistakes to match our high speed processing.

We are proud to be the fastest delivery to your customers’ door. It is something we have worked very hard to develop. We do this all while balancing your costs and benefits so you get the best bang for your buck too.

We look forward to our 1st challenger that thinks they can take our title of Fastest Mail Delivery in the Country away from us. Bring your charts and graphs my friends, you are competing with veterans.