New Postage Rates – Intelligent Mail barcodes

To date, mailers have deposited more than 24 billion mailpieces withNew Postage Rates Intelligent Mail barcodes. We’d like to remind you that in May 2011, to be eligible for automation discounts and the new postage rates on your letter-size and flat-size mailpieces, you’ll need to start using the IMB in place of POSTNET barcodes.

In May 2011, the POSTNET barcode will be ineligible for automation prices and the IMB must be used to claim automation prices with either the Full-Service option or the Basic option.

Additionally, the PLANET code barcode, used with Confirm service for mail tracking, will be retired in May 2011. To receive Confirm service after this date, you’ll need to use the Intelligent Mail barcode.US Mail Tracking

CSG Direct has been using Intelligent Mail barcodes since 2008.

The USPS will conduct weekly webinars titled Migrating to IMB during September 2010. The US Postal Service in a letter directed to mailers provided this information.

CSG Direct is an early adopter and IMB developer and recognized for some of Americas most robust US Mail Tracking tools. We’ve invented a whole series of tools, widgets, maps and reports around the new IMB barcodes and the USPS Confirm services.

Our IMB expertise includes US Mail Tracking for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

When you use CSG Direct for direct mailing you can track all your projects live and you can track the movement of all your individual mail pieces en route to their individual destinations.

This was our DIRECT MAIL DREAM and we made it a reality!