New Direct Mail Booklet Tabbing Requirements

Booklet Tabbing

Well the much-awaited September 8, 2009 direct mail changes are finally here. This set of changes has been very convoluted and harder to follow than many changes in the past. We made every effort to stay ahead of the curve but the final rulings happened in the final days. The document explains this unique process further.

Here is the full document


Basically, when it all comes down to it; there are changes in the requirements on booklets.
Don’t yawn yet; this is bigger than you might think.

1st) The maximum size is now 6″x10.5″ long (smaller now)

2nd) The minimum thickness is .009 (not changed)

3rd) The maximum thickness is .25 inch (not changed)

4th) Cannot use perforated tabs ( changed )

5th) Now requires 3 1-1/2″ tabs (changed – damn)
on heavier booklets they ‘recommend’ 1-inch paper tabs.

The upcharge for not meeting these standards can be considerable. Mailpieces would be upcharded to nonmachinable rates. The most common would be for Standard mail which would go up at least .20 cents per piece (almost double).

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